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Great Science Share for Schools 2023 and Explorify

The Great Science Share is a great way for pupils to engage in science, share their ideas, and work co-operatively with others. The theme for this year is Science Around Us, which is an exciting way for children to recognise and understand how science works in their everyday life. If you are yet to decide on your topic or if you are looking for an interesting activity to inspire children’s questions, Explorify can help.

A summary of finding the optimum: the science subject report, Ofsted (2023)

Summary of the Osted report findings relevant to primary science.

New Explorify Early Years activities

Calling all Early Years teachers! Explorify has just published over 40 new activities which have been designed especially for children aged 3 -5 years old.

Let’s start Celebrating Scientists

We know that representation matters and often if children can’t see it, they can’t be it. Role models are vital if we want more children to consider STEM careers. Here at Explorify, we have created a new science topic called ‘Celebrating Scientists’ providing teachers with easy-to-use resources which relate the work of scientists to the primary science curriculum.

British Science Week 2023 - getting ready

British Science Week will soon be with us again.

Explorify – looks great, but how does it work? Guidance for ECT and ITT/ITE trainees.

Trainee/Student Teachers,  Early Career Teachers – you’ve come to the right place!  Here’s the lowdown on how Explorify works and how it can supercharge your science lessons by supporting children’s scientific thinking and talking. 

Black History Month

Explorify is sharing the stories of less well-known individuals and their valuable contributions to science.

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Five new things about Explorify

...that will be helpful when planning for next year.