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Children taking part in a science lesson

How Brindishe Federation use Explorify

In this case study Brindishe Federation of schools highlight how they teach science and use Explorify in their settings.

Four images included in the original set of Start With Art activities

Explorify Art Competition - Spring 2024

The next Start With Art artist could be one of the children in your class.

Children and their teacher watering plants

Early Years and Explorify

Calling all Early Years teachers! Explorify now has a wide range of activities designed especially for 3 – 5 year olds.

Two children playing in Autumn leaves

Changing seasons

The leaves are changing colour and beginning to fall, just as the first autumn storms are arriving. Autumn is here.

Astronaut floating in space

Space Week 2023

This October, between the 4th and the 10th, is Space Week! Explorify has lots to offer to help you harness children’s natural wonder and curiosity for this awe-inspiring topic.      

Explorify evaluation report 2023

Read a summary of the 2023 Explorify evaluation.

Children playing with watering cans

Top tips: What just happened activities

Our What Just Happened? activities are guaranteed to capture your little ones’ curiosity and get them thinking about how things change. Read our top tips on how to get the most from this visually engaging activity. 

Three girls using a magnifying glasses to look at a plant

Great Science Share for Schools 2023 and Explorify

The Great Science Share is a great way for pupils to engage in science, share their ideas, and work co-operatively with others. The theme for this year is Science Around Us, which is an exciting way for children to recognise and understand how science works in their everyday life. If you are yet to decide on your topic or if you are looking for an interesting activity to inspire children’s questions, Explorify can help.