How to use Explorify

Tips from the Explorify team and other teachers to help you make the most of Explorify in your class.

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Top tips: Who is...? activities

Our Who is...? activities are designed to inspire children to consider STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) as potential career choices by showcasing important scientists past and present. Read our tips on how to get the most from this activity.

Five new things about Explorify

...that will be helpful when planning for next year.

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Make maths meaningful with Explorify

It’s National Numeracy Day on 18th May so here’s a handful of Explorify activities that will provide a context in which to exercise those maths skills.

New Odd One Out activities

Be the first to try one of our brand-new Odd One Out activities. 

Where might an unplanned Explorify journey lead?

When it comes to planning support for science, Explorify aces it, going beyond its own set of engaging activities and guidance to signpost excellent sources elsewhere, but what about that odd, unplanned, 15 minutes?   Is an unplanned dive into Explorify ever a good idea?  

Top tips: Have You Ever? activities

Our Have You Ever? activities are designed to get the whole class involved. Read our tips on how to get the most from this discussion activity.

Using Explorify in Early Years

Although Explorify activities are not sorted by an EYFS category, many Early Years practitioners enjoy using some of our activities in their setting.

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Top tips: Listen, What Can You Hear? activities

Our Listen What Can You Hear activities are great for encouraging children to explain their thinking and apply their knowledge in new contexts.

Reflecting the new Welsh curriculum on Explorify

Exciting update for all teachers in Wales.

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Top tips: Mission Survive activities

Mission Survive activities put your class's creativity to the test through fun, imaginative, hands on challenges. They can help reinforce learning, by creating first hand experiences of building their ideas and seeing how well they work.

If your class could invent a device to protect an egg, what would it look like?

Top tips: Problem Solvers activities

Problem Solvers are the perfect activity for getting students to think critically and creatively in class, like scientists. Designing a solution to a problem will give your pupils the opportunity to explore their ideas and knowledge in order to address the challenge.

Move large stones is an example of a Problem Solvers challenge

What do teachers think of Explorify?

Watch teachers who have trialled Explorify in their classrooms tell us about their experiences. 

Working in a scientific way

Have you been wondering how Explorify can support you as you encourage your pupils to work in a scientific way? Read our top tips to find out! 

Top tips: Big Question activities

Working together to plan an investigation will really get your class thinking like scientists!  

How long does it take for a leaf to rot? Is an example of a The Big Question activity

Top tips: What If? activities

A question to make pupils think! Our What If? activities aren't designed for practical investigation, rather a fun way to help children place their ideas and thoughts in new contexts.

What if plants could move from one place to another? is an example of a 'What If?' activity.

Top tips: Odd One Out activities

With these Odd One Out activities, there is no right or wrong answer! Encourage each child to say which is the odd one out for them after a discussion about similarities and differences.  

'Animals in winter' is an example of an 'Odd One Out' activity

Top tips: What's Going On? activities

Encourage children to discuss what's going on in these short, distraction-free videos! You'll find they naturally start to explain their thinking and apply their knowledge in new contexts.

'Blocks' is an example of a 'What's going on? activity.

Top tips: Mystery Bag activities

Encourage your children to use their sense of touch, hearing and smell to work out what's contained in these mystery bags! A tried and tested favourite with teachers, spark curiosity and debate with a selection of everyday objects.

Totally Organic - Start a conversation about natural products in a whole new way is an example of a Mystery Bag activity.

Top tips: Zoom In, Zoom Out activities

Our popular Zoom In, Zoom Out activities are sure to engage your class! Read our tips on how to get the most from this visually engaging activity.

How to update your settings

If you are changing schools, year groups, role or email address, make sure you follow these simple steps to keep your account up to date. 

Better thinkers, better thinking!

Explorify supports your pupils to think like scientists – but that doesn’t mean it's only for science!

Discover how Explorify can help with assessment.

Assessment is something teachers do all the time, yet assessment in science is a topic teachers often say they worry about. Let's walk through a teaching sequence about classification.

What’s Explorify? How can it help with my science teaching?

When did you last hear that something really good for teaching is free? Welcome to Explorify, a free digital tool to help with science teaching. Developed by Wellcome, a global charitable foundation, Explorify is used by teachers in nearly 10,000 UK primary schools.

Getting started with Explorify!

Welcome to Explorify!

Explorify and numeracy: count the benefits!

Use these Explorify activities to build maths and numeracy skills with your class. 

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Literacy? Thinking skills? Explorify has got you covered!

Explorify and literacy: find out how our science activities support writing, speaking, listening and more.

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