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Do you love Explorify as much as we do? As a seasoned Explorifier, now is your chance to tell us what you think of Explorify.

Explorify – looks great, but how does it work? Guidance for ECT and ITT/ITE trainees.

Trainee/Student Teachers,  Early Career Teachers – you’ve come to the right place!  Here’s the lowdown on how Explorify works and how it can supercharge your science lessons by supporting children’s scientific thinking and talking. 

Black History Month

Explorify is sharing the stories of less well-known individuals and their valuable contributions to science.

Five new things about Explorify

...that will be helpful when planning for next year.

Image of books, pens and apples on desk

Discover your teacher superpower!

Explorify’s Planning Support Sessions are not to be missed.  In only 30 minutes, they will showcase engaging activities, share expert tips, and supercharge your science topic!

Make maths meaningful with Explorify

It’s National Numeracy Day on 18th May so here’s a handful of Explorify activities that will provide a context in which to exercise those maths skills.

New Odd One Out activities

Be the first to try one of our brand-new Odd One Out activities. 

Where might an unplanned Explorify journey lead?

When it comes to planning support for science, Explorify aces it, going beyond its own set of engaging activities and guidance to signpost excellent sources elsewhere, but what about that odd, unplanned, 15 minutes?   Is an unplanned dive into Explorify ever a good idea?  

Free Explorify Planning Support Videos

Would you like support finding just the right Explorify activities to enhance your science planning?

Get excited for the Great Science Share for Schools 2022!

This year’s Great Science Share for Schools is all about Climate Action. It falls on 14th June and we've got a great variety of activities to help you make the most of it! 

Children sharing the wonder of science

Using Explorify in Early Years

Although Explorify activities are not sorted by an EYFS category, many Early Years practitioners enjoy using some of our activities in their setting.

EYFS pupils in a classroom

British Science Week 2022

This year, British Science Week runs for 10 days from 11th – 20th March and there are lots of ways to get involved.

Plant shoots growing

Meet our new team members!

We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Ellis, Robin James, Jo Moore, and Stacey Reid to the Explorify team, beginning January 2022.   

Welcome our new team members!

The impact of COVID-19 on primary science education

A new report from Wellcome 

Children in a classroom

Explorify has moved to a new home

From 21st September, Explorify will have a new home with STEM Learning, in partnership with the Primary Science Teaching Trust. 

Illustration of a car with luggage and a dog.

Protecting ourselves from infectious diseases

Teaching during a pandemic means sometimes fielding tricky questions. This article should equip you to know enough about microorganisms and how they affect us and our bodies to be able to respond with confidence. 

A smiling doctor wearing PPE

Who are the scientists of today?

How can teachers address the gender split within science, encouraging young learners to see and understand science's relevance and benefits to society?

Kiara Nirghin, '22, addresses the United Nations in New York on International Women's Day, 2019

Explorify at home

Find out how Explorify can support teachers and children with their science during school closures and periods of quarantine. 

Explorify at home: Birds

This collection of activities about birds is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

A long tailed tit in the nest

Fun science with feathered friends!

Explore the science related to birds and their habitats.

Four cute cygnets, who hatch later in spring – something to look forward to!

Take part in the Big Schools' Birdwatch!

Wherever your little scientists are learning at the moment, they can take part in science.

A black tern on the wing

'Tis the season to have fun with science

Deck the school hall with boughs of science…

Two white polar bear cubs look out of a snow hole

Branch out – with the science of trees

Inspired by Trees? Your little scientists will love these tree themed activities.

Have a scientific Outdoor Classroom Day!

Take your learning outside this Outdoor Classroom Day!

The results are in - Explorify is working!

Support for primary science provision is improving. Louise Stubberfield looks at Explorify’s impact so far, and shares our next steps for the project.  

Explore the science behind cycling!

Bike To School Week runs from 28th September - 2nd October. It's a great opportunity to create learning experiences for your class around all things two-wheeled!

Bike To School Week Activities

Explorify at home: Learning outdoors - living things

Children love learning outdoors and the positive effects on their mental and physical wellbeing have been well documented. This collection takes your children’s learning outdoors with a focus on living things. 

Children exploring and playing outdoors

Explorify at home: Habitats

This collection of activities about habitats is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

Bee in a wooden insect hotel

Explorify at home: Sound

This collection of activities about sound is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

A bottle orchestra

Explorify at home: Light

This collection of activities about light is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

A rainbow in a landscape

Explorify at home: Human body

This collection of activities about the human body is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

A plywood shack for ice fishing on a frozen lake

Explorify at home: Fossils and evolution

This collection of activities about fossils and evolution is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

Ammonite fossils in rock

Explorify at home: Earth, seasons and time

This collection of activities about the Earth, seasons and time is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

An egg timer

Explorify at home: Changing materials

This collection of activities about changing materials is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

Cookies, made from materials

Explorify at home: Forces

This collection of activities about forces is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

Water trick

Explorify at home: Classification

This collection of activities about classification is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 


Explorify at home: Properties of materials

This collection of activities about the properties of materials is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week! 

An egg experiment to watch

Explorify at home: Plants

This collection of activities about plants is ideal to do at home with your little explorers. Enjoy a good afternoon of science each week!


Put science into sport!

We have dozens of exciting activities to make your science super sporty!

Child jumping

Go to Mars with Explorify!

The European Space Agency are preparing for a new Mars rover to blast off to look for signs of life on the red planet. We’ve got lots of new activities to help you inspire your little scientists to be space explorers!  

Activities to take you to the end of term!

Need some inspiration for a fun Explorify activity for your class before the end of term? Try some of these to keep your little scientists engaged!

Let's go to space!

You don't need to go to space to explore the fascinating science about it. Try one of these activities today!

Explore the science of the solstice

Let's look at the STEM topics you can cover when exploring both a solstice and equinox.

Exercise your mind and body!

Let's focus in on activities around the human body and consider how exercise and environment affect it!

Plant some activities in your dashboard!

From new shoots to habitats and seasonal growth, there's a huge amount to discover when exploring plants!

Eggs for Easter and beyond!

Easter is coming and we’ve picked some egg-cellent activities for you to try with your class!

Carry on watching winter!

BBC's Live Lesson on Winterwatch has stacks of links to Explorify activities. Use this handy list to extend the learning experience with your class, with an activity or two!

Gut instinct

Get your class thinking scientifically about how the body uses food, why we have teeth and how important exercise is, with these fun activities.

The science of sleep

Does a squirrel hibernate, or do they just stash food for the winter? Explore sleep and hibernation further with these activities that are sure to keep your class alert!

Winter is coming

Or is here already - depending on whether you're using an astronomical or meteorological calendar! As the Christmas holidays beckon, here are some fun and festive activities to keep your little scientists engaged until the end of term bell rings!

You've got the power!

Electricity will fascinate your pupils when you ask them to think about all the things it powers. Charge up your class's enthusiasm with these activities.

Habitats around the world!

Different animals and plants thrive in different habitats. Let's take a look at how they live. Your pupils will learn about the world around them near and far and develop their scientific thinking as they explore the inhabitants.

Take flight with bird activities!

With the RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch in full swing from January 5th to February 21st 2022, it's a perfect time to explore all things avian!

Light up your class with science!

Fire and light present many opportunities for a curious mind, so we've collated a series of activities to inspire your class to think like scientists when they see the fireworks displays this year.

Science in motion

From a paper plane to the gears of a bicycle, force is a fun topic to explore with your little scientists.

The wind of change

October brings seasonal change and a great opportunity to explore the science of seasons while seeing the change outside your classroom window.

Recycle Week!

We’ve put together a selection of activities you can use to explore the use of materials and their impact on the environment.

Meet the author: Andrea Beaty

Andrea Beaty is the author of a series of books about curious classmates; Architect Iggy, Scientist Ada and Engineer Rosie. Illustrated by the Scottish illustrator, David Roberts, the books tell the stories of hopelessly curious children who overcome hurdles to pursue their passions.  

Let's think about oceans

If you’re studying oceans, here are some fun activities to kickstart scientific thinking skills in your class.

Sea turtles are one of the many creatures who live in the ocean

Top 5 Tips for taking learning outside!

Need some help taking your classroom outside? We're here to help! 

Meet the author: Dominic Walliman

We interviewed Dominic Walliman, author of the Professor Astrocat books. Illustrated by Ben Newman, Walliman’s schoolfriend, the books take a fun-filled approach to scientific concepts. Walliman also runs the Youtube channel Domain of Science, where he explains STEM subjects in an engaging, accessible way. 

Meet the author: MG Leonard

MG Leonard is the author of the Beetle Boy trilogy of books, and her latest book is the Beetle Collector’s Handbook.