Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I access Explorify’s activities?

Simply sign up, verify your email address and start completing activities! We’ve found that teachers particularly love the Zoom In Zoom Out and What’s Going On? activity types, so these might be a good place to start!

If you think you have signed up but are having problems accessing activities, then please contact us.

What equipment will I need?

An internet connection and a screen! Explorify is purely online with nothing to print or prep, if you don’t want to.

Some activities will require you to source everyday items, like newspaper, cardboard, lolly sticks, or magnets. 

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Explorify is totally free.

Explorify is funded by Wellcome, a global charitable foundation. Wellcome's education team works to ensure that all pupils in the UK have access to a world-class inspiring and relevant science education by supporting education research, professional development and primary science. Read more about the work of the Wellcome Education team.

I'm enrolled but I don't have a Facebook account, can I still take part in the Explorify staff room?

We are only running our “staff room” on Facebook. There we’ll share our updates, show exclusive content and encourage teachers to ask questions and share knowledge. Setting up a Facebook account is simple - - and you could limit it to just your work email address and not even use a real name as long as it looks feasible (e.g. no numbers).


The activity video is not working, how I can access video?

All our videos are hosted on Vimeo from the Explorify account, so first check whether you can access Vimeo at all and if not, please speak to your IT support to enable access. If this isn't the problem then please contact us.

Vimeo is working, why won't the video play? 

Some of our videos are provided by the BBC and because of their rights agreements you can only view BBC videos while you're inside the UK. If you are inside the UK but receiving this message from us, this iPlayer information page has some useful guidance on how to correct your IP address.

Why haven't I received an email from Explorify?

Some of our emails are sent automatically by our systems, which some email services interpret as spam and block. In order to prevent this happening, please add "" and "" to your email contacts. If you are still having issues, please email us from the address you would like to receive emails to.