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Case study 7: Giving children discussion roles supports the development of their social skills

Teacher-researcher Greg Mace says “children could communicate with their peers and become more independent.” 

Case study 4: Using frames with Odd One Out activities

Teacher-researcher Greg Mace says “children know what is expected of them, are less anxious and more focused.” 

Moving from an Explorify activity to purposeful science enquiry

Explorify is great for promoting talk and higher-order thinking in the classroom and it can also help you with a range of science enquiry ideas as well. 

Case study 2: Introducing the concept behind Odd One Out activities using concrete objects

Teacher-researcher Wendy Bromilow says “the children’s language development has been absolutely amazing!”

Case study 3: Using Have You Ever? activities so that science starts with children’s experiences

Teacher-researcher Ryan Collier says “we can identify strong science learners despite SEND needs.”

Case study 9: Capturing and recording children’s learning using active learning, Explorify big books, drawing and scribing

Teacher-researcher Jenni Monach says “the children were highly motivated and every child was keen to join the conversation.” 

Case study 1: Using Zoom In, Zoom Outs to capture children's attention

Teacher-researcher Jane Catto says,“I like to repeat the process, zooming back in, then out again, because we always notice more the second time.” 

Case study 5: Minimising verbal instructions, maximising thinking

Teacher-researcher Caroline Leach says “children are thinking and sharing their ideas, without worrying about their answers being wrong.”