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Children taking part in a science lesson

How Brindishe Federation use Explorify

In this case study Brindishe Federation of schools highlight how they teach science and use Explorify in their settings.

Explorify Hosts podcast

Welcome to our Explorify Hosts podcast series!

Children walking through wild flowers

Positive actions for the climate

Schools across the UK are stepping forward to teach children about important global issues. This video shows a group of Key Stage One children from Briar Hill Infant School learning about how they can help the bees.  

Planning Support Video: Developing Thinking, Speaking and Listening Skills

Join Explorify Engagement Leaders, Rebecca Ellis and Stacey Reid in this 30-minute video to discover new and favourite activities related to Developing Thinking, Speaking and Listening Skills. 

Thinking of planning a whole-school science event? Explorify can help.

This blog will help you incorporate primary science teaching into whole school events.

A summary of "Finding the optimum: the science subject report", Ofsted (2023)

Summary of the Osted report findings relevant to primary science.

Latest evidence on what works in primary science

Interested in reading more about the latest thinking and research or finding key documents quickly?

Building Science Capital

Enhance your science teaching with the latest support from the Explorify team.