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Preparing for Ofsted

If you are the Science Subject Leader at your school, you should expect a “deep dive” when Ofsted visit. As a core subject, the majority of schools are reporting that science is one of the subjects chosen by Inspectors to examine in detail. This is known as a “deep dive”.

Teacher and pupil

Top 10 tips for new science leaders!

Are you a new science lead? We've got 10 tips to help you start the year with confidence and a brand new toolkit!

The Primary Science Capital Project

Eight-year-old Dean is a white, working-class Londoner who doesn’t usually engage much during science lessons. As he tells his teacher, Ms Lessing, he’s going to be a footballer when he’s older, so he doesn’t think he needs to learn science…    

Teacher and children

Raise the profile of science across your whole school with PSQM!

You’ve done a great job raising the profile of science in your classroom using Explorify, now let’s raise the profile of science across the whole school!

Creating a shared vision for science – why and how?

Carla Wallington looks back on her first year as a Science Lead and reflects on the steps she took to create a shared vision for science across the school.

Meet the teacher: Ben Thwaites

Ben is an Assistant Headteacher and Science Co-ordinator in his Primary School. We spoke to him about highlighting science across the wider curriculum and across his local network of schools.

Explorify your Staff Meeting!

Are you a science enthusiast looking to share the benefits of Explorify? We've written a presentation to help you  spread the word!