Odd One Out

Animals in winter

Activity overview

15 mins
Ages 5 – 7

Science topics:

Animals, including humans

Put your class' observation skills to the test with these three wintry weather dwellers. This activity is great for promoting observation and discussion skills.

Run the activity

1. Show the three images above and ask everyone to come up with as many similarities and differences as they can. If they get stuck, prompt them to think about:

  • appearance
  • what they do
  • where they might be found

2. Then, everyone needs to decide which one is the odd one out and why. Encourage a reason for every answer and there is no wrong answer!

Background science

The animals featured are a grey squirrel, a Mongolian wolf and a reindeer. None of these animals hibernate over winter and so must find food to survive. The squirrel relies on hidden stores laid down in autumn, the wolf will continue to hunt, and reindeer use their hooves to paw back the snow revealing lichen (a type of moss) beneath. 

Take it further

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Image credits:

Pixabay via Pexels CC0,

Marcel Langthim (Pixel-mixer) via Pixabay CC0

Natalia_Kollegova via Pixabay CC0